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Question: What is

This is art and tech project, to see - what info was actual, what designs, technics were used for websites in past. It is archive of Year 2012 for .org domains and websites. Many of original pages with useful info is already closed and disapeared, or completely changed, but here You will find archived version of many sites.
It is shown only our system decided main keywords and info in description view for any subpage, and all other info, including images, are available in archived version, when You sign up and then click on "Open archive". It is set, that spider systems are forbiden to index archived original pages - as it is necessary to log in, to open archived page, and also it is forbiden in robots.txt file. For actual info - if it is possible, check original page. As it can be, that info is not correctly formatted, outdated or not complete in archived version. Also - it will not always suit as backup, for example, to restore Your original site, if info is lost. But usefull info can be accessed to restore Your site, as it already have been in practics. However, in archive You will able to see different archived tech files, images, flash files, javascript files (for example - to check source for previous versions of some JS libraries, JS files.). All pictures, texts are the copyrights of their respective owners. Use archive system at your own risk. In descriptions and titles view modes - below keywords, descriptions and link paths, it is shown archive result sections, to open other archived subpages. Also, You can search Your interested domain (below left side menu) in search box. Or can view all added sites in alphabetical order. Simply choose number or letter, and if necessary, in bottom of page You can open next results of list.


What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files, that are stored on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or other device, when you open website. Cookies are used to remember Your account name or settings like language, font size, view and other customization functions, which You have choosed. Cookies are used to not reask to set Your choosed settings every time You open page.

How we use cookies?
We use cookies to personalize page view and ads, to collect statistics about page and page viewers.

Can i control cookies?
Yes, You can control cookies or delete them. To get more info - check:

How can I add my site to this project - archive system ""?

Of course, we cannot add new site at this project, as it is project of year 2012, and it means info was archived in that year. But You can submit Your site for future such projects - here. Only, it is no any guaranties, when or if it will be added to such future project and indexed.

I have lost my web page data, can You send me backup of my site - let I can restore it?

We have not option, where You can download all data to restore Your site. But You can ask some programmer to make script, that will download all Your choosed site with necessary data from our archive system. Similary as it manually can make people, by going through all archive, or like indexing system, that goes through all pages and save texts, images etc.

Thank You for Your archive system! I have lost my webpage, but now restored it from Your archive, should I pay for You?

No. Access to archive system is provided at no cost. If You want to donate to support this system, than Contact us.

I do not want to see my site's previous versions, and want to remove it from archive. How can I do it?

Simply in left side menu choose - Remove site from archive and fill form.
Remember, if You want to remove complete domain from archive, than this should be done from that domain e-mail (or at least from e-mail, which is published in page, or from whois info, or if You are web company, than it (your e-mail domain) must be named on site), let we can know, that this request is asked by page administrators, owners. Than we will verify info and remove archived version. Also, do not forget to check Your given e-mail (including SPAM folder!, as it depends on Your mail system, how good it can find and sort regular mail or spam), to answer additional questions, if we have such.
If form is correctly submited, we usually respond within 2 (two) business days.

Is there archived all info from sites which were added to archive project?

No. We consider robots.txt files. It means, if in robots.txt it is disallowed to index site - than we do not archive it. Also - not 100% of site, images, files are archived - but system use our algorithms - to automatically decide, how much and what info should be archived.
All archived links are shown in description view, and also total number of site's archived links. If You open some link form archived page - than You can use that menu and links to navigate archived page. But if You open some sublink, and it shows blank page - than that info simply is not archived.
Also, we do not index sites with illegal content (see below, what we mean by "illegal content"). If illegal content is found only later, or some additional info is received, or some info is asked to be removed - we also remove it from archive. If You do not want Your site to be archived, or want to archive it only partly - use robots.txt file. More info about robots.txt / Robot Exclusion Standard You can find here: Our web crawler identifies itself using the user-agent ""

Can You update info - for example add some words, links, or change phone number in archive?

It is not such option to renew or change data - as it is archive system. We can only remove archived subpage or our description view of archived subpage. To remove info - fill this form, and describe as much as possible, what is reason to remove info. Also send direct link and sublink of archived page, and describe as much as possbile, what exactly info should be removed. Check also, if Your e-mail is written correctly, let we can send back additional info.

I cannot contact original page contact person, can You send some additional info?

No - our system is web archive system, and to contact original page contact person - if possible, check original site's "contacts" section, or whois info, or simply find in page additional necessary data. As our system automatically archive web pages, and we do not have additional info.

What is "illegal content" for ""?

Illegal Content: Upload, send, post, transmit or submit (collectively, "Submit") to the Site any content, including any Review, that is or may be: (i) harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, degrading, hateful, or intimidating; (ii) defamatory, libelous, or disparaging of any person or entity; (iii) misleading, false, fraudulent, or tortious; (iv) obscene, indecent, pornographic, vulgar, profane, or sexually explicit; (v) intended to promote (or have the effect of promoting) violence, racial hatred, terrorism or illegal acts; (vi) infringing, or in violation or misappropriation of, any patent, trademark, trade identity right, trade secret, publicity right, privacy right, copyright or any other intellectual property or any other rights of any third party; (vii) in violation of any other rights of any person or entity; (viii) in violation of any law or regulation; or (ix) otherwise objectionable, in our sole discretion; And as defined: here

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